Why study theology?

Having been a theology student at the University of London International Programmes for two years, this is my first post to try and describe why I find the study of theology so exciting and personally rewarding (even, or should I say especially, in the 21st century London).

Theology is not a widely studied or discussed subject nowadays (unfortunately, in my opinion), so it may be useful to start by defining the term. The Oxford English Dictionary defines theology as follows:

The study of the nature of God and religious belief; religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

Further analysis of the word theology shows that it is made of two Greek words, θεός (God) and λόγος (word, idea, speech); therefore theology can be thought of as words, ideas and speech about God. Now of course our atheist friends may be quick to say “wait a second, but there is no such thing as…

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  1. Reblogged this on Intelligence is not a Sin! and commented:
    Contrary to the anti-intelligence and anti-intellectualism of such a large segment of evangelical Christianity in the West, there is a definite place for study and scholarship, particularly since part of the Great Commandment is to love the Lord with all our MIND. We can’t love the Lord with all our mind if we’re checking our brains at the door.

    1. Dayo Adewoye says:

      You’re right, Chancellor. Thanks for the comment.

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