Pray for The Gambia

Capital: Banjul Population: 1,750,732 Official language: English A narrow, 400-km long stretch of land which surrounds the Gambia River. It is the smallest country in mainland Africa. Prayer Needs Over 80% of the country is Muslim. Please pray for an awakening among them to Christ. Pray for grace, resources, and support for struggling workers seeking…

What Balaam Saw

  Many Christians remember the story of Balaam for that most unusual of miracles: a talking donkey. If you’ve ever been to Sunday School, there’s a 90 percent chance you know the story.   For those who may not remember, here’s a very short summary*:   While Israel was journeying through the wilderness, they happened…

Hello, 2018!

To all our friends and followers, welcome to the new year! By God’s grace, we will be considering one of the above themes monthly as we continue to learn what the Christian worldview implies for every area of life. Please stay with us.

Thoughts on Your Personal Library by Dr. Douglas Groothuis

Sometime in the distant past, my collection of books became a library. The question, “Have you read all of them?” was asked of me so often that I began to say, “No. But this is my library.” Since n… Source: Thoughts on Your Personal Library

The dangers of a ‘spiritualized’ Gospel

Originally posted on Quirky Case:
In the last year, my church took up the subject of ‘Social Justice and the Gospel’. I nearly wept with joy: as the main preacher in the series pointed out, social justice has been on the backbench in many evangelical circles over the last half a century at least. I…

Battle Hymn of the Republic

Originally posted on The Christian Mind:
 This hymn was written during the American Civil War (1861-1865) and was very popular with the side fighting to keep the seceding states within the American union. Regardless of what one might think of that conflict, the song captures the theme of the progress of Christ’s kingdom. And this…

Christ is All

Originally posted on The Christian Mind:
*O Lover to the uttermost, May I read the meltings of thy heart to me In the manger of thy birth, In the garden of thy agony, In the cross of thy suffering, In the tomb of thy resurrection, In the heaven of thy intercession. Bold in this thought…