Announcing: GospelStory

GospelStory - cover (1)

What is this about?

GospelStory is a devotional challenge to immerse ourselves in the narrative of redemption as found in the Bible over a period of 30 days. It will take place throughout the month of December 2017.

A schedule of personal and communal readings will be observed during this period, walking every participant through the main narrative portions of God’s word.

As you read (personally and/or together with your family, church, or friends) the selected portion for each day, you are encouraged to share what you are reading with others. You can post, share or tweet using the hashtag #GospelStory.

But December has 31 days

Yes, that means you get to have one free day to choose what to read. We are so nice we even gave you a HOLIDAY!

How should the readings be observed?

Each daily reading consists of 10 chapters. You are free to decide how to spread it during the day, perhaps 5 in the morning and 5 at night, or 6 in the morning and 4 in the evening – whichever works for you.

We advise that each reading is suffused with prayer. All scripture is God’s word to us. We don’t just want to dig into the history of redemption; we want to meet the God who is at the centre of that story.

What is the objective?

Simple –

  • We want people (Christians, non-believers, everyone) to understand the flow of God’s work of redemption as revealed in the Bible. We want everyone to better understand this amazing drama of redemption which stretches from the Garden of Eden, right through the Cross of Golgotha, all the way to the New Jerusalem.
  • In this Christmas season, it is crucial to remember that Christmas is about the work of redemption, and there is no better way to appreciate this than by immersing oneself in the story of the Gospel.

What is The Christian Mind?

The Christian Mind is a movement to glorify God by helping society flourish through the Christian worldview. We want to see people and families built up, the Church strengthened, and society transformed as people engage with, love, and live out the gospel.


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