What is a Christian Mind?

A Christian mind is a mind that has been convinced of the truth about God, the world, and *himself.

He is convinced of the truth of salvation through faith in Jesus and has trusted in Him for forgiveness and acceptance before God.

He has submitted himself to the authority of God and resolved to live in obedience to His word. Following from this submission to God’s word, he understands that history is a grand narrative in 3 parts of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

Creation implies that the entire universe, both material and immaterial, the world of nature and human society, is a product of God. Because God is good, his creation is good – every part of it. We should love it, rejoice in it, and develop it according to His command (Gen. 1:28).

The Fall explains the present sad state of the universe. Though created good, the universe has been corrupted. Things are no longer the way they were meant to be. Everything has been affected – the physical universe and human relationships. The world is not evil, it has just been distorted.

Redemption is the light of hope beamed into this narrative by the Creator himself. For His own glory, He has undertaken to correct this global distortion of things. His plan involves drawing all the nations of the earth to Himself through a Saviour and renewing all creation through the same Person. This is no other than Jesus Christ. Thus, there is hope in the midst of the darkness of our world.

This understanding guides the Christian mind as he seeks to glorify and enjoy God in all he does.


*Masculine terms are used in a generic sense and refer to both the male and female genders.


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