On Bytes and Data: The enchantment of technology

Every society needs some form of technology. From customary farm tools, to the universal needle and thread, right down to the plethora of digital applications today, human society has had to invent and rely on some form of technology. And our use of technology cuts across different spheres and functions of life: agriculture, manufacturing, education,…

An Offline Principle for an Online World

Along with the command to love God with our hearts is the directive to love our neighbour as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-40). Before you publish that post, send the tweet, or share the message, take a second and consider if you are adding value to your online neighbour. Is your post edifying? Would that tweet stir up the right emotions in your followers? How about that message you are about sharing on WhatsApp? Is it genuine? Does it fairly represent the situation?

Wakanda: A modern African dream

Wakanda is more than a literary setting, it is the cinematic vision of modern Africa, a longing for people of African descent.

How can we Glorify God in the Digital sphere?

It’s no longer news that we live in a digital age – the  Information era.  Smartphone, Tablet, Browser, are some of our regular terminologies. In fact, we can hardly live five minutes without having to interact with some form of electronic or digital technology.  And this digital space keeps evolving and expanding. From Clod computing,…

The weariness of the God-less life

The below poem is an extract from ‘The Rock’, a play by T.S. Eliot (1888-1965). It speaks powerfully to the emptiness of technological and cultural sophistication devoid of God. “О weariness of men who turn from God To the grandeur of your mind and the glory of your action, To arts and inventions and daring…