Are you up in the air?

The modern individual is unhinged and thus lacks a basis for meaning, truth and morality. Like Ryan Bingham, he is ‘Up in the Air.’

Modernity: Story without a Storyteller

In an article published over twenty years ago, the late Lutheran theologian, Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017), left a rather poignant paragraph for us to reflect on: “If there is little mystery about where the West got its faith in a narratable world, neither is there much mystery about how the West has lost this faith….

The weariness of the God-less life

The below poem is an extract from ‘The Rock’, a play by T.S. Eliot (1888-1965). It speaks powerfully to the emptiness of technological and cultural sophistication devoid of God. “О weariness of men who turn from God To the grandeur of your mind and the glory of your action, To arts and inventions and daring…