A World worth fighting for

There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for. Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings When I watch the above scene in the Lord of the Rings movie or read from the book, Samwise Gamgee’s remark excites me. But it also makes me ponder. How can one still believe this…

Recommended Books for Developing a Christian Worldview

It is necessary for every African Christian to understand how Christianity is a worldview. This is because the prevalent understanding of the gospel confines it to the personal sphere. In my own journey, I have found several books helpful in elaborating how the Bible provides a unique perspective on reality centred in the gospel. Here…

Christmas—Its Spirit and Meaning

The Christmas story isn’t fiction, though contemporary notions of it largely are. We speak of a jolly season where it is all smiles, gifts, and lights. There is Santa Claus, the grandfatherly figure with a wide grin, kind eyes and a sack full of toys. The dinner tables laid out with many delightful dishes and…

A Plea to the Church

When the church refuses to reform itself by recovering the authority of God speaking in his word, and his glory revealed in the gospel; when the church plays politics with truth and aligns itself with the rich and powerful; when the church closes its ears to the cry of the oppressed and the pains of…

Church, Keep the Gospel in Your Protest

In the moment’s heat, the church would be wise not to merely tag along. The crises in our world, in whatever form it manifests, result from the brokenness brought about by sin. Whether it is police brutality or the corrupt system which has nurtured it, we see the fruit of a rebellion which began long ago.

The God my Ancestors knew but didn’t know

Photo by Shutterbouy Photography on Unsplash My Yoruba ancestors (along with most African cultures) believe in a supreme being; they call him Olodumare. They revere him as the source of life and the originator of all that exists. He is too great to come into contact with the universe, so he is distant and aloof….

Wakanda: A modern African dream

Wakanda is more than a literary setting, it is the cinematic vision of modern Africa, a longing for people of African descent.

Are you up in the air?

The modern individual is unhinged and thus lacks a basis for meaning, truth and morality. Like Ryan Bingham, he is ‘Up in the Air.’

Books for the Christian Life

The Christian faith is based on a book. Therefore, it is no wonder to find that it has also spawned several other writings which shape the hearts, minds, and lives of generations of believers. This article is a brief introduction to a few such titles. Knowing God Described by R. C. Sproul as ‘a masterpiece…

Modernity: Story without a Storyteller

In an article published over twenty years ago, the late Lutheran theologian, Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017), left a rather poignant paragraph for us to reflect on: “If there is little mystery about where the West got its faith in a narratable world, neither is there much mystery about how the West has lost this faith….