Book Note: Not By Bread Alone, by David Broughton Knox


Thinking biblically about contemporary matters is a vital need for Christians. While there is an abundance of ministries teaching some aspect of the Christian life or another, there are not so many resources providing a biblical understanding of modern social challenges and topics.

This book is one of few meeting such a need.

At less than 150 pages, it offers a Christian perspective on so many current issues. From racism to abortion, from censorship to war, from money to homosexuality, the late Dr Knox examines these topics from a biblical worldview. Even where you don’t share his conclusion, you can’t but appreciate the Christian reasoning behind it.

Reading through it, I had to underline a few gems:

“The characteristic of modern society is that it lives only in the present.”

“Godliness with contentment is the apostle’s recipe for living; it brings complete release from the rat-race.”

“Affluence is unreliable. It is a snare to rely on money for the future. Our trust must be in God who is in charge of our future and who will supply our needs.”

“Masculinity or feminity is each incomplete in itself, but finds its completeness in personal fellowship between men and women.”

“Fellowship requires respect for one another and a man habituated to obscene ways of thinking cannot suddenly begin to respect the other person as a person. This is the evil of obscenity and this why society should restrict obscenity as far as it is able.”

“Christians should be forward-looking, and Sunday is a weekly reminder of our future hope in the coming of our Lord.”

Great things do come in small sizes. This book is an example.


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