I am Peter

Peter is the man who knows that Jesus is the promised messiah;
Peter is the person who confesses this Jesus as the Saviour of the world;
Peter is the one who denies this Jesus in the hour of witness,
In the moment of life.

Peter will hide this truth for a minute of peace.
He will conceal Christ’s lordship for Man’s favour.

Peter will sacrifice
truth for comfort,
faith for pleasure,
trouble for ease,
the cross for a bed,
shame for fame.
Peter is a string of contradictions -

Peter is the politician who worships on Sunday,
But manipulates the people on Monday.

He is the businessman who pays his tithe,
But abuses his workers.

He is the father who sings in the room,
But lies to his children.

Peter is the husband who prays fervently,
But assaults his wife.

Peter is the wife who dazzles in the choir,
But is a terror at home.

He is the craftsman who shares the gospel,
But makes a rickety chair.

Peter is the employee who goes for a vigil on Wednesday,
And calls in sick on Thursday.
I am Peter;
Peter is a traitor.

For the approval of my kin,
I deny Him.
For the esteem of my colleagues,
I reject his word,
For the acceptance of my community,
I refuse his Lordship.
For the nod of my nation,
I deny his relevance.
I am Peter; 
We all are.

But Grace reached down to me;
Grace reaches down to me;
And It reaches down to you.

What will you do?


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