A Meditation on Grace


The grace of God is a stream, coursing through the ragged rocks and broken terrain of human existence, bringing life, healing and hope.

Grace sustains our universe and keeps it going.

Grace began the day man turned against God and declared himself autonomous and free.

Grace was the leather garment which covered man’s sinful nakedness when our first parents sinned against God.

Grace is God’s passionate concern that humanity does not remain in the state of sin and misery forever.

Grace preserved a portion of humanity from destruction when their wickedness called forth God’s judgement.

Grace confirmed God’s everlasting goodness to us, such that, despite our sins,

Seedtime and Harvest, 

Cold and Heat, 

Summer and Winter, 

Day and Night, shall never cease.

Grace chose Abraham as the father of a new and holy community of faithfuls, who will live out the human calling of faithfulness to their Creator.

Grace is the commitment to bless all humanity through the future Seed of both the woman and of Abraham.

Grace is the outpouring of love and mercy to a rebellious but favoured nation over several generations.

Grace extends mercy to a people who once were not a people, but are now the people of God; who once had not obtained mercy, but are now ransomed and forgiven.

Grace is a paradox. It is the dying of a holy God for a sinful humanity.

Grace is not cheap — it literally nailed God to a tree and killed him. It is the harmony of God’s justice and his love.

Grace is the renewal of our bodies and, in fact, the entire universe at the Resurrection.

Grace is the joyful reign of Jesus, and the Church with him, over the nations – a reign of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Grace is the corrective for a deformed universe, the cure for a broken humanity, the remedy for a wounded conscience, the reformation for a damaged life, the healing for a fractured community, and the hope for a lost world.


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