The Gospel and Human flourishing

Picture of Woman smiling
Photo by Frank Busch on Unsplash

The gospel is the means to human flourishing because it restores creation, including humans, to God’s original design.

Creation was God’s act through which he brought the universe into existence. And everything was initially good. However as sin was introduced, everything changed.

Humanity’s relationship with God was broken. We no longer love God with our whole heart; we even despise him and seek our own way. Our relationship with other humans has been distorted. Each person is prone to selfishness. Loving one’s neighbour as oneself is now a challenge. This has given rise to several social problems and maladies, including theft, racism, discrimination, fraud, and a host of others.

The physical world is also not left out. We hear of earthquakes, droughts, disease and other abnormalities which are aspects of the corruption of nature which Paul wrote about in Romans 8:20,21.

But there is hope. And that hope is in the news that God has dealt with the problem of sin through Jesus Christ, and he is restoring all things through his Spirit. As we trust in Jesus and become a part of God’s new community, we align ourselves with what God is doing. His Spirit begins to work in us, conforming us to who we really should be. And as we live out this new life in the world, both individually and together with other believers, the world is being made better.

This goes on until Christ returns and completes what was already in process. He finally destroys sin and evil and completely renews the universe, thus bringing about a new heaven and earth.

And that is true flourishing.


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