Look at the cross

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Psalm 22:12-18

When Christ hung on the cross, he was fulfilling what David had said several centuries earlier. He was living out the promise God had made to Abraham. And he was bringing to life that promise of conflict and victory which God had announced in the garden.

At the cross, the world’s sin was judged and Satan defeated.
We look to the crucified for forgiveness of sin and victory over the devil.

They pierced him, but it was not for him;
They poured him out, but he was a drink offering for us;
They divided his garments, but he covers our sins.

The cross was a tragedy, yet it was also a plan –
A plan for freedom, a plan for reconciliation.

What was forfeited was restored,
What was lost was recovered.

Those who believe, who truly believe,
Find in Christ a total Saviour.
A Saviour from sin and all it wrought,
A Saviour so true, you cannot doubt.


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