Are You like Pilate?

Pilate condemns Jesus

Luke 23:11-25

Jesus was crucified because justice got sacrificed on the altar of politics. Pilate found nothing wrong with him, yet he still proposed punishing him and eventually had him killed.


He wanted to please the Jews. He feared the consequence of losing their favour. They could riot and cause trouble. And he would be questioned by Caesar or even demoted.

So rather than risk his own position, he punished him.
For the sake of preserving his own life, he destroyed a life.
To advance himself, he brought someone else down.

He cared more for prestige than for truth.
He scorned justice in order to play politics.
He bought peace at the price of fairness.
He worshipped man but had no thought for God.

Are you like Pilate?

In your home, at work, in school. Do you advance your career at the expense of your subordinates? Do you treat your children fairly? Are you honest with your colleagues, especially when they are less intelligent?

When we ignore truth and scorn justice, we act like Pilate.


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