Pray for Eritrea

Capital: Asmara

Population: 5,223,994Eritrea

Official language: Tigrinya. Tigre, Arabic and English are widely used.

An arid desert plain along the Red Sea, Eritrea is bordered by Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Over 40% are Christian.

Prayer Needs

  • In  spite of severe persecution by the government (7th worst country in which to be a Christian; Thousands of believers imprisoned over the past ten years), the church is growing. Pray that this growth will continue.
  • Pray for increased unity and cooperation among Christian denominations and churches around the gospel. A united church is stronger to resist opposition. Also pray that the renewal which is springing up in many denominations will blossom into a nation-wide awakening.
  • Pray that God will touch the heart of President Afwerki (and all who work with him). May they come to acknowledge the Lordship of Christ and advance his cause.

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  1. Robert Chamberlain says:


  2. cbholganza says:

    praying to God for peace and understanding. be strong, my friend, and may God always guide you.

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