Pray for Congo DRC

Capital: Kinshasa1200px-Flag_of_the_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo.svg

Population: 67,827,495

Official language: French. Trade languages Lingala/Bangala in north and northwest, Swahili in east and south, Tshiluba in centre and Kikongo/Tuba in west.

*Prayer Needs

  • Nominal Christians to find new life in Christ. Nominalism is a major problem. Large numbers have no clear grasp of repentance and faith in Christ nor of salvation by grace and not works. Much nominalism is due to inadequate preaching of the gospel, satisfaction with a superficial response and failure to follow up with those touched by the preaching. There is a notable lack of biblical knowledge in most churches; pray that the Bible would be read, used and applied in churches in the DRC.

  • Syncretism, witchcraft and false teachings to be rooted out of the Church. Animistic thought patterns, occult influences and fear of witchcraft are major problems present in the underlying culture, polluting the faith of millions. Such continued spiritual ties oppress Christians and stymie their spiritual growth. 

*Prayer needs are drawn from Operation World.


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