Christ is the World’s true light


1. Christ is the world’s true light,

Its Captain of salvation,

The Day-star clear and bright

Of every man and nation;

New life, new hope awakes,

Where’er men own his sway;

Freedom her bondage breaks,

And night is turned to day.

2. In Christ all races meet,

Their ancient feuds forgetting,

The whole round world complete,

From sunrise to its setting:

When Christ is throned as Lord,

Men shall forsake their fear,

To ploughshare bear the sword,

To pruning-hook the spear.

3. One Lord, in one great Name

Unite us all who own thee;

Cast out our pride and shame

That hinder to enthrone thee;

The world has waited long,

Has travailed long in pain;

To heal its ancient wrong,

Come, Prince of Peace, and reign. Amen.

- George Wallace Briggs (1875-1959)



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