When God calls

Man looking forwardFear is a common response when God calls. In most cases, the task simply seems too overwhelming or scary. Am I strong enough? Am I gifted enough? Do I have the required competence? And while we may be mistaken, the presence of fear in assuming what seems to be a new challenge or responsibility may well be the sign that God really is calling us to it.

Abraham doubted God’s promise could come to pass; Moses felt he was unsuitable to lead the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan, Jeremiah was intimidated by his youth, Gideon needed a sign from God that he was truly the one to deliver the Israelites from the Midianites. Each person, and many others, felt that common dread of taking on such a huge but necessary task. Their victory came when their natural fear became an opportunity to discard their own abilities and gird themselves with God’s word and His strength. In each case, they overcame by trusting God to perform his word through them. Their fear gave way to faith because they looked beyond themselves.

God’s call will often (perhaps always) be scary. It could be to take on a particular form of injustice, to establish a new business on biblical principles, or to assume a new role which is more strategic to his kingdom and more in line with your passion. His call could even be to such a commonplace but significant task as fathering a child and preparing her for godly living. Whatever it is he calls you to, remember He calls you as an instrument and a vessel.

We are not power plants; we are power cables. We are conduits of his grace, and his power works within us to accomplish his purpose. Our role, therefore, when he calls, is to submit, to follow, and to trust.


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  1. Enoch Anti says:

    Sigh! Thanks for this word. Very timely.

    1. Dayo Adewoye says:

      Thanks. I’m glad you were helped by it.

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