SCOTUS – We had it coming

Finally, the US has legalized same-sex ‘marriage’. As expected, the uproar among conservative Christians has been huge. The excitement among liberals is equally deafening. But can we step back a bit and reflect on what has happened. This is nothing but the triumph of a Secular worldview. It is the logical result of an outlook on humanity and society which places man as the measure of all things and pays no regard to the reality of a transcendent God. We had this coming. The legalization of same-sex unions is inevitable if society has no other basis for living other than human reason and experience. If man is autonomous and has no need to heed the revelation of a divine being, then he may alter His life or society as he pleases.

Let not the Church mourn; we have work to do. We need to boldly and consistently live out and proclaim a Christian worldview. We may lose our freedom, we may lose our lives, yet God would smile on us. We would have made Him proud.


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