How Jesus turned the world upside down

The Christian Mind

The problem with the world is not  its diversity – social, ethnic, or racial. I am white, he is black; I belong to society’s elite, he is a poor farmer; I speak Yoruba, she is Fulani. No. The problem arises when love and service are left out, and the elements of power and superiority are introduced. Then it becomes: I am white, he is black, therefore I am better than him. I am the manager, she reports to me, therefore she must do whatever I want. I am wealthy, he is poor, therefore I can do as I wish to him.

This is the language of power and it has dominated the world ever since. Cain killed his brother Abel because he felt he could exercise power over him.  He was not driven by love to serve him, rather he was driven by power working through hate (Gen. 4:1-10). Abimelech…

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