The Justice of God

The justice of God is an essential corrective to a sentimental notion of divine love. The God who loves us is a God too holy to behold sin, and who will not overlook iniquity. How then can he so freely pardon sin?

This is where the attribute of justice comes in: He punishes sin to the full in the person of his son, Jesus Christ,  so he might offer the widest and most generous pardon to mankind!

God’s justice secures his moral integrity. He does not passively allow evil deeds to be carried out with impunity. He beholds all our actions and will bring everything to judgement.

The  Justice of God is an aspect of his righteousness, which is described as

‘that perfection by which He maintains Himself as the Holy One over against every violation of His holiness. In virtue of it He maintains a moral government in the world and imposes a just law on man, rewarding obedience and punishing disobedience’

God is righteous. He is not a passive onlooker in the drama of human history. He oversees all that is being done, and will give out rewards or punishment accordingly.

The scripture speaks of this quality in Ps. 99:4; Isa. 33:22; Rom, 1:32.



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