Our World belongs to God – Preamble

God reigns!

This is the joy of the believer. Through all the stages of the universe’s history – Creation, Fall, Redemption, God has been at work. All things exist for him and he is ruler over all. A document published by the Christian Reformed Church captures this truth eloquently. I intend to present this statement over the next few weeks, and below is a preamble which summarizes the Christian sense of God’s reign in history.


1. As followers of Jesus Christ,

living in this world—

which some seek to control,

and others view with despair—

we declare with joy and trust:

Our world belongs to God!

2. From the beginning,

through all the crises of our times,

until the kingdom fully comes,

God keeps covenant forever:

Our world belongs to God!

God is King: Let the earth be glad!

Christ is victor: his rule has begun!

The Spirit is at work: creation is renewed!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

3. Still, despair and rebellious pride fill the earth:

some, crushed by failure

or broken by pain,

give up on life and hope and God;

others, shaken,

but still hoping for human triumph,

work feverishly to realize their dreams.

As believers in God,

we also struggle with the spirits of this age,

resisting them in the power of the Spirit,

testing them by God’s sure Word.

4. Our world, fallen into sin,

has lost its first goodness,

but God has not abandoned the work of his hands:

our Maker preserves this world,

sending seasons, sun, and rain,

upholding all creatures,

renewing the earth,

promising a Savior,

guiding all things to their purpose.

5. God holds this world

with fierce love.

Keeping his promise,

he sends Jesus into the world,

pours out the Holy Spirit,

and announces the good news:

sinners who repent and believe in Jesus

live anew as members of the family of God—

the firstfruits of a new creation.

6. We rejoice in the goodness of God,

renounce the works of darkness,

and dedicate ourselves to holy living.

As covenant partners,

set free for joyful obedience,

we offer our hearts and lives

to do God’s work in the world.

With tempered impatience,

eager to see injustice ended,

we expect the Day of the Lord.

We are confident

that the light

which shines in the present darkness

will fill the earth

when Christ appears.

Come, Lord Jesus.

Our world belongs to you.


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