Developing a Christian worldview

How do we develop a christian perspective on various disciplines like ethics, politics, economics, etc? Sidney Greidanus offers some advice:

  • In the discipline of ethics, for example, one can draw on the biblically revealed norms for right conduct. Of central importance here is the love commandment, but the significance of other biblical passages should not be overlooked.

  • Biblical laws relating to the protection of life, the concern for the poor, the care for animals, trees, and land – all these and more give us insights into the divine norms for justice and stewardship.
  • In political science one would be guided by such biblical themes as the sovereignty of God, the God-given authority of government, the task of the government to promote (the biblical norms of) justice, liberty and peace, and the required obedience of citizens.
  •  In sociology one would take into account the biblical norms for marriage, family, and other societal structures.
  • In psychology one would view man not as an animal that can be conditioned, nor as a machine that can be programmed, but as a creature of exceptional worth because man alone is made in the image of God. One would be guided by biblical insights into the essence of man (his relationship with God) and the fundamental unity of man (“a living soul,” “heart”).
  • In the discipline of history, one would be guided by the biblical theme that God acts in history, that he is bringing his Kingdom into the world, and by biblical insights concerning humanity’s origin, purpose, and destiny, the cultural mandate, and the antithesis between believers and unbelievers.
  • In economics one would want to take into account the biblical ideas of justice and stewardship, of ownership, of work and play’.

(Quoted in Michael Goheen, The Power of the Gospel and the Renewal of Scholarship)


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