The Christian worldview

The Christian worldview has implications for every area of life. Christ is the Lord of all and his truth must guide how we approach every field. Below is an outline of what the Christian worldview implies for several areas of life and knowledge. It was drawn from a video series by Summit Ministries, a Christian educational ministry.

Philosophy – the christian worldview teaches that there is a reality beyond nature – the realm of life that we feel, touch and see. There is a spiritual world behind it which is equally real. And in this realm lies the creator of the universe – God. Thus Christianity rejects the view of naturalism.

Theology – In contrast to Pantheism and Deism, the christian worldview is based on Theism. This is the belief that there is a wise and powerful spiritual being, who is personal (has capacity to think, feel and relate), is distinct from his creation, yet is immanent within the universe.

Ethics – Ethical principles or obligations are not relative to culture or society. They are absolutes. Moral principles like love, respect, kindness, justice are universal in nature. They are foundational for every society because they are simply expressions of God’s own nature.

Biology: The whole universe was designed and created by God himself. The universe did not arise from a chance combination of chemicals, neither is the human person a development from lifeless matter. ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.’

Psychology: Man is a unique combination of spiritual and material substances. He is a soul with a body.

Sociology: Human society is God’s design. And he has established the three basic institutions of the Family, the Church and the State with their distinct roles and functions.

Law: Law is rooted in God. All human laws must reflect God’s own law

Politics: Civil Government is a legitimate institution of society established by God to uphold Justice, Freedom, and Order (cf.  Rom. 13:1-7).

Can you suggest other areas?


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