The Gospel according to David

‘I have trusted in your mercy’ (Psalm 13:5)david

David’s remark summarizes the gospel. At the core of the gospel is the doctrine of Justification by faith, which is the truth that God accepts sinners as righteous by imputing the merits of Christ to them. And this privilege they receive only through faith (trust) in Christ. Hence the gospel is about Trust – trust in God’s merciful offer of forgiveness through Christ.

Human sinfulness is  universal. And the apostle Paul testifies to this in Romans chapters 1 and 2. The various religions seek to resolve the human disconnect from God in various ways, based on their differing views of the problem. However, no true solution exists for this problem other than what is revealed in the gospel as contained in the Christian worldview.

Christianity views man as highly exalted among all of God’s creation. He was created into an already prepared universe and given dominion over it. Sadly, man, at some point in time, fell from  his privileged position and is now in a strained relationship with his Maker. Out of love and mercy, and in keeping with justice, God took on human nature and came to earth. He suffered and died in man’s place, thus obtaining righteousness and pardon for him.  Man receives these gifts only through  one means – faith. Not through his efforts, not through his intentions, but simply by trust he receives the blessings of salvation and enters into eternal life.

Praise be to God for such a plan! From start to finish, the glory is his alone.


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