In Focus: Syria





The violence keeps worsening and neither side is giving up. So many lives lost, yet no end to the strife.

The crisis in Syria has been on for several months now and the whole world seems unable to resolve it. The United Nations peace efforts have been repeatedly ignored. And the state remains adamant in holding on to power.

Many weeks ago, the Cable News Network (CNN) reported that more than 12,000 lives have been lost so far. And just yesterday the bloodiest day of the crisis was recorded – at least 400 souls perished. Can nothing really be done?

The church can and should pray. If for no other reason, at least we should remember our brethren over there, the Syrian church. The country, like every other, has been given to Christ for an inheritance (Psalm 2: 8). And our ongoing task to make disciples of all nations extends to that country as well. What is gained if the nation perishes?

Therefore, I solemnly urge that intercession be made throughout this week for God’s intervention in Syria. Let us pray that God will, where human efforts have already failed, restore peace to that country. Let us cry to Him as often as we can for His Spirit to stay the violence and establish his kingdom across the length and breadth of that nation.

 ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it’ (Psalm 24:1).  


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  1. Working for Christ says:

    Amen, my friend!

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