Truth is crucial. If we are going to successfully defend the christian faith and hold it out as the only hope for a decaying world, this is where we must begin. For we preach Jesus, who described Himself as the ‘Truth’.

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A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview TestThough the Bible isn’t a philosophical discourse on the topic of truth, it certainly has much to say about truth.  There are many different words, examples, and stories in the Bible about truth.  Here is a summary of Kenneth Samples’ seven points that explain truth according to Scripture.

1) God is ultimate truth.  In the Bible, God describes himself as being real, true, and alive rather than being unreal, false, and dead like the gods conjured through counterfeit human idolatry.  According to historic Christianity, God is the ultimate and unchanging truth and the necessary real being that stands behind the created order.  He is also the source and ground of all truth (Is. 43:10-13, Jer. 10:6-16, John 17:3).

2) Jesus Christ is the truth of God Incarnate.  According to the New Testament, the infinite, eternal, and transcendent God has taken on a human nature and become man in…

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