Book Review: Why I Believe

Why I Believe

D. James Kennedy (1930 – 2007)

Thomas Nelson, Inc (2005), 222 pages

Reviewed by Dayo Adewoye


The late Dr Kennedy explores the grounds for some foundational teachings of Christianity, including:

  • God,
  • Creation,
  • Heaven and hell,
  • Christ,
  • the Holy spirit, etc,

And he offers compelling reasons for believing each one.

He opens with some words on why it is crucial for believers to be grounded in their faith. Quoting 1 Peter 3:15, he remarks: ” That is not simply good advice; it is a commandment from God.”

The idea that there are rational grounds for christian beliefs is an old one. Tertullian, Irenaeus, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Francis Schaeffer, are just some of the Christian leaders who have made various attempts at assuring believers and convincing skeptics of the truth of the Christian faith. And Dr Kennedy’s volume is a helpful addition to the list.

The Bible is (rightly) the first point, and he adduces several facts, ranging from its accurate predictions to archaeological discoveries, that prove the accuracy of its teachings and records. He shows us that evidence for God is built into the very structure of the universe. And we have several notable scientists lending their voices in asserting that the wonders of our universe lead us to believe in a Supernatural Designer.

The complexity of our world also argues that it was brought into being by a being who is both intelligent and powerful, thus confirming the Christian doctrine of Creation.

In discussing the Christian belief in Heaven, Dr Kennedy presents an interesting truth: “There has never been a race of men upon this earth, whether in the deepest heart of Africa, in the South Seas, or on the highest mountain – that has not had a belief in some future life…” This belief in a future life, in immortality, in heaven, seems to have been implanted into our very souls.

The book is written for non-scholars and is thoroughly evangelistic, as the author’s concern for his reader’s conviction and conversion shines through. It is written in a spirit of praise for God’s grace. And it is a book to be consulted agaian and again, as the facts and arguments will nourish your mind and help you grow more assured of the faith once delivered.

Have you read the book or a similar one? I’d love to hear from you.


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