Nigeria and the way out

The problems of Nigeria are deep moral problems. They can only be solved by a moral transformation which only the truth can effect.

What is the truth? It is that:

  • God exists. He is a holy God – of sound moral character.
  • Because such a holy God exists, absolute values (love, justice, honesty) exist – they are simply expressions of his own nature.
  • He made us in His own image ,i.e., holy and upright as He is. He created us to conform to these same absolute principles.
  • In the rebellion of our first parents, we have all become perverse in our thoughts and actions. These absolute moral values are no longer pleasing to us. We oppose them by speaking lies, being selfish and greedy, by cheating and oppressing our subordinates. Our hearts are cold toward God; we hate Him and we hate His character.

However, those principles and the God whose character they reflect are our only hope. We cannot have a peaceful and prosperous world unless we abide by them. Any empire built on injustice and wickedness may last for a while , but it will eventually disintegrate. Our country has seen greed, selfishness, cruelty play themselves out in the open over the years. And it has resulted in social, cultural and moral decay.

What is the way out of this morass? It is by recovering our original status. It is through Redemption. And this is what the message of the gospel is all about. God is restoring mankind to himself. He has given His Son as our redeemer, and He has sent out His Spirit to transform our hearts. As our hearts are transformed, we start to embrace truth, love, and faithfulness. And as we live this out in our societies, we help repair the ruins and the decay of our nation.

Our task is to embrace Jesus in faith, trusting in Him for forgiveness for our rebellion against moral truth. Our task is submit to His principles daily, as the Holy Spirit works in us to help us submit. Step by step, as the fire spreads, our nation is transformed.

Oh, Lord, engulf our nation with the cleansing and transforming power of Your Spirit!  (Amen)


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