A Personal Confession of Faith

  1. I believe that my  aim in life is to glorify and enjoy God.
  2. I believe that God is a Spirit, infinite, immortal, and unchanging, full of wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness and truth;
  3. That he has absolute authority and control over all that he has made , and he directs them all to fulfill the purpose for which he made them, i.e., revealing his glory;
  4. That he created the entire universe by his word and made man specially in his image, endowing him with knowledge, righteousness and holiness;
  5. That the first man willingly sinned against God and, as a result, lost God’s favour, got his entire  soul tainted with sin and consequently passed this corrupted nature on to all his descendants, including me.
  6. I believe that God has not left mankind  to perish in sin but, having chosen a multitude to be  delivered from this state of sin and make of them a holy nation, gave a Redeemer to die for their sins and obtain righteousness for them through his holy life, which Redeemer is Jesus Christ;
  7. That through faith in Jesus Christ the Saviour I am justified before God, adopted into God’s family, and progressively sanctified through the  Holy Spirit who now resides in me.
  8. I believe that Jesus is the only Saviour of mankind and the only medium by which humanity may be reconciled to God. I also believe that God commands all people everywhere to repent of their opposition and be reconciled to Him through faith in Jesus.
  9. I believe that I will see the Church extend to all nations  and the world increasingly christianized; that righteousness will generally fill the earth ‘as the waters cover the sea’.
  10. I believe that after the worldwide spread of the gospel, Christ will descend from heaven to judge the living and the dead. After this, all of God’s children will be made perfect in holiness and taken up into heaven and made exceedingly blessed in the full enjoyment of God for all eternity.
  11. I believe that out of gratitude to God for his redemption, I am to submit to his will and, by the continuous  help of the Holy Spirit, I am to strive to obey all his commands. I believe it is my duty to make Christ the Lord of my entire life and seek his rule in every sphere of society, be it Government, Education, Business,  Media, the Family or the Arts,  Amen.

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